What You Can Do

What You Can Do.

Sign the Mental Health Worker’s Pledge for Palestine:

This is a call to all mental health organizations from the UK, USA, France, and Ireland to pledge support for ‘don’t go, don’t support’ position in regard to international mental health-related events held in Israel, or external events sponsored by, or in collaboration with, Israeli organizations. https://ukpalmhn.com/pledge/

Support the Irish Palestine Mental Health Network https://ipmhn.com

What’s involved?

We welcome mental health practitioners to support the work of the network in different ways. We have a wide-ranging programme of activities. You can choose how you can become involved.

It might be attending the free online monthly Café Palestine, with presentations by mental health practitioners on the situation in Palestine, promoting the Do No Harm call in your professional body or organisation, or playing a part in developing the network itself as it continues to grow.

We meet online once every 6 weeks to review activities, provide news and updates about what’s happening in Palestine and in the global networks that have sprung up in recent times to support our Palestinian colleagues.

We send out information via email about the work of other networks and how you can support their initiatives.

Most importantly, in the midst of our busy lives, we ask that you hold Palestine in mind and encourage others in your networks to do so.

Programme of activities.

Contact us
For more information, and to receive regular updates from IPMHN, contact us at info@ipmhn.com.